New skincare routine with SkinBliss

Heyaa Bunnies!
So it was looong due to get new skincare products. I wanted to switch to a"organic only"-lifestyle but I just can't.
The products.just.don't.work!! 
I was switching inbetween all products available here but no matter what I bought...it was literally a waste of money. But now my skin has become my worst nightmare. (Since I stopped going to the tanning studio).
Some may ask why, because tanning is making skin worse, it speeds up the ageing process.
However in my tanning studio are tanning beds with kollagenlamps and these actually help your skin become better. Always when I couldn't go tanning due to the pandemic my skin has become worse. So yes, I am 100% sure its because of the kollagenlamps. There is the option in the tanning bed to go, without getting a tan and I might go there for it from time to time (and maybe getting on the massagebed lol).
So a while ago I was getting an app called "Skin Bliss" which I love. You can individualize everything you need. With it you can search for suitable skincare products but also analyze ingredients from them (either by text or by taking a picture of them). I tried it out and the results were accurate. Products that had good effect were rated as such and products that were awful on me also got rated as such. Back then the products you could buy there aren't available in germany, so I stopped using it but kept it on my phone, just in case I needed it. Now I looked it up and you can search by country now (probably it was updated). However, I want to give it a go and buy a whole skincare routine with it's analyzer...since I want to shop in a korean skincare shop. I was filtering on the shop by skintype, usually had around 5-10 results and checked the ingredients.
I only bought products now that had an "excellent" or "perfect" rating by the app.
(There is also very good and good...).
The app analyzes by skintype, skin problems, ingredients and lifestyle (no silicones, vegan etc. depending on what you choose). 
I ordered from LoveMyCosmetic.
I already ordered from them 3 years ago. I loved the products but they weren't really suitable for my skin I guess. I chose per price and packaging and not ingredients but that's different this time.
Here is the shocking condition of my skin.
I am glad my camera could not hyperfocus on it, so most of it isn't really visible. I usually get rarely pimples and if I do, it's the bottom of my face (only sometimes on the forehead). If I do get pimples, they scratch open..I have no idea how that happends as I don't touch them (probably I scratch them while I am asleep lol)...so many of them bleed after a couple days.
I have oily skin, big pores and medium-severe acne (I would say?). At first I am going to wash my face with only water for a couple days...as some kind of "detox" of the old products. That way it's more visible how the new products will work. I did that the last time when I ditched all my products and it worked out very well.

And here is my routine!!


Mattyfing cleanser for combination skin.
It is a pain in the ass finding a organic cleanser that is suitable for oily or combination skin.
This one was...meh.
It wasn't bad but it also wasn't really good.
But it was unfortunately the only option.

Double cleansing is the word!!
It's said it is not suitable to double cleanse with dry skin, so be careful with this.
I always wanted to double cleanse but I was never sure which ones were oil-based and which ones water-based.
These are the two that my app decided for me.
I already had products from klairs.
For example an foundation (and a cleanser too I think...)...and I loved it, so I was confident while buying it, it would work.


Worst toner I had in my life.
Rosewater is trending in social media, so it was tempting to get it. It's not suitable for oily skin. I bought it at the same time I downloaded SkinBliss and immediately scanned it after receiving it and the app rated it as a bad fit...they were right.
Before I had one by Bioré and it was so much better.

Sorry, I am skeptical.
The app says its a good fit..so I will try.


Yes I use serums. I don't know which one I had before but the last one was kinda better. 
This one didn't really do anything tbh.

this is the most expensive item in the basket.
It was 35€!! for this little bottle. However, you don't need much product of an serum..so I guess I am just pampering myself now.
The app chose this one, so I hope it's right.


When I was getting this eyecream, suddenly my eyes started to burn after a couple hours.
I am convinced it was because of this product. However, I also hate to buy products that lay around so I kept using it but it had to stop. Only pro about this one is it actually makes you look fitter and less tired lol.

Funfact about this eyecream is, that it was a gift. I chose it in my basket and when I was about to buy, I have seen it was available as a free gift to the order. So I got it for free♥️♥️


This is actually the best facial cream I had...no lie. So I was surprised when the app said it is only a "good" fit. At first I wanted to keep using it but then I decided to fully let myself in for the challenge and look what a "perfect" product could do. The fluid on the right had a good effect on my pimples but when I used it for a longer period my skin started to get super oily and my pores got clogged. So I used it but only from time to time as a nightcream, if needed.
No-sebum moisturizer and funnily enough, chose a sunscreen from the same brand.
No lie, I did not notice until the order arrived.
Usually I hate wearing sunscreen on my face, because of how oily it can get but I always feel guilty about it...especially when going tanning..
This one got rated as suitable for me, so I will try again.
I also need a peeling, facial mask, primer and foundation but the order got....pricey.
So I decided to just go with the most important stuff and then get the others sometime.
I haven't tried them yet. I want to start using them when I moved in my apartment.
Kinda like a "new start"-typa thing??
And yes, the move got delayed ANOTHER week..but this time I am certain it will work out.


Apartment ☆ Before

Heya Bunnies
So here is a little "before" of my apartment...which isn't really the before.
One reason is because I forgot to take pictures
but also because, honestly, you don't want to see this.
I am utterly shocked by how this man lived here just a couple days ago.
It feels like it was unhabited for some time.
In every room/window is mold, the wallpapers were hanging off, there were spiderwebs almost in every corner of every room...I am highly convinced he did not ever, ever clean any windows during his stay.
They were almost black before cleaning them and afterwards they almost shine white like new (almost).
The only bad condition we knew before was the big greasy spot over the stove.
My dad already knew he has to build a vent over there so the greasy spot won't happen again.
Again, I am shocked...it's super disgusting.


When I took these pictures I already cleaned the whole room (walls, bathtub, sink etc.)
While cleaning the wall I slipped and fell from the bathtub and ripped off the silver thing from the ceiling. It hurt like hell (and my dad has to put it on again).
I am also slightly hurt after I told my mum about it, she asked if I destroyed smth from the bathroom...
instead of asking if I am alright??? Thanks mom. I see your priorities.
I might want to switch out the silver thing left over the bathtub where I can put shampoo bottles in, because It's super gross and no matter what I did, cleaning it 100% was not possible. yikes
Do you see how white the window is??? I am proud of myself...
Trust me...it was black/beige before.
Also while cleaning we noticed a hole in the sink.
Apparently the laundry machine was connected to it, that's why there was a hole.
Well anyway..also the mirror cabinet over the sink was gross as hell.
I cleaned it but felt uneasy about using it when moving in. That evening we went to buy wallpapers and took a new mirror cabinet with us..the one I chose looks soooo awesomee...
This isn't really a room, neither a hallway...but it's between the hallway and the bathroom and at first I wanted to keep this closet for cleaning utensils, hairdying stuff etc. BUT...
just like everything else in the apartment. It's broken and gross.
I did not clean it, I immediately decided to get rid of it. I will probably put a garderobe for guests over there..
right across is empty space and I decided to put a wardrobe there as well..
But for my shoes, coats and bags. (since I don't want to keep them in my clset in my bedroom anymore..it takes so much space).
And that's the hallway..I wish I could have put a garderobe here but there is just no space for anything.
I thought about carpets here, so each time I am walking from the entry to the garderobe, I won't put too much dirt in? Imagine in winter when I have to walk ALL THE WAY THROUGH to the garderobe??
With snow and dirt on me?? You see where my mind is going to?
But it's a lil tricky...I first have to find a carpet that has that size and even if I find one...it will look...
weird idk. I want a pink and bright apartment and those carpets would need to be black or smth and it won't really fit in...

btw did you know that I was taking off all the wallpapers myself here in my apartment??? my mom and my friend helped me once but 80% was my work and I am proud to say I never want to do this again

Living room and kitchen

yess there is a lot just laying around but here is my living room...
I want my couch to be on the left where the windows are and on the right will be my tv.
I am not sure if I will get any cabinets or idk under the tv.
I actually planned to get plastic flowers instead of curtains however all on the internet are too short and expensive...I need a lot to cover up the windows...I might just stick to normal curtains after all.
So here is the kitchen... nothing too special here... I asked if I could paint it white but my parents forbid it. next to the broom is a wall where I want to put my dining table to...
and here is a tiny stockroom...here you can actually see the mold (I cleaned it off today).
Do you see the tiny square in the wall? that's where my dad wants to put the vent through.


next to the window I want to be my bed...I want a new one.
I ordered one but still haven't received any confirmation of buying or shipping or idk.
and I will put my desk/vanity right next to it.
This whole wall will be my closet!!!
And I planned to sort out all my rokku/tsuyome etc. items. and keep them in boxes in the garage.
Only hime/himekaji/agejo here.

I swear my closet will be empty!!
No underwear, no coats, no other substyles.....
I will have so much space for tons of dresses I like
It will be a real closet for a princess.
I am not quite sure what to put here yet tho.
I will have two "closets"'(idk how its called?) here on the left next to my vanity for makeup, accessories etc.
I also want like some shoes on display here...mostly hime mules.
That's it for now.
My dad already finished almost all the wallpapers..we need to paint the walls and still clean some stuff.
He said I might move in this saturday but I don't think this will be possible

I keep you updated!!