Reiwa Gyaru and Tik Tok gyaru? - New Gyaru Styles

 Heyaa Bunnies!

I planned this post like MONTHS ago. I first wanted to throw away the draft but since I saw it again on twitter, I want to talk about it.

The future of gyaru.

This is more of a personal opinion than a gathering of facts, so feel free to make your own opinion.

Yes, it's about our lovely tik tok...
the social media platform that I deleted as well.
I can deal with the haters on my profile but I can't deal with the bullshit that's posted on it. The content overweights the fun content, so I decided to delete it.
I don't see a good reason to spend time on an app that isn't fun anymore.

literally anything that is from white people is considered racist on there.

And even if racism towards white people didn't "exist"...now it definitely does.

On this topic something my friend said, he def got a point:

"If you make more terms to define groups of people, you immediately seperate and exclude them"

He never heard about terms like "POC" or "LGBTQ+" before..he didn't even know what "transgender" meant...I was like wtf? but more into the racism topic:

He said those terms are discriminating and the root of racism itself.
He said he doesn't care where you come from, it only matters if you are a good person.
Also he said, it's beautiful when cultures mix (which is also part of the whole racism topic, also considering gyaru).

But enough with this...let's focus more on gyaru.
Because this is indirectly also causing the change of gyaru trends.

i.e. the tanning rule.

God, I hate that it exists.
To "prevent" racism in gyaru, it's never allowed to tan darker than your own skin can achieve.
Which is a very interesting way to define this rule, because I for sure know my skin can go extremely dark, considering I used to be pale white.

Also interesting to see is, this rule doesn't exist.
At least not outside of tik tok it seems.
Especially not in japan.

Japanese gyaru don't participate in gaijin rules and trends.
More importantly gyaru is a japanese style...and considering some gaijins try to change the rules themselves..is ....idk.....ridicilous?

I definitely seperate gaijin gyaru and japanese gyaru.
But now, I even seperate gaijin gyaru into two groups.
I saw it coming about two years ago and it became reality.
The gaijin gyaru community has split into two groups.

Group 1: Those who get to know gyaru as the original and is trying to hang onto it. Usually are into old-school trends and try to revive old styles. Are true to gyaru "core elements" such as tanning, magazines, blogs etc.

Group 2: Trying to "modernize" gyaru. Creating a tanning rule. Mixing e-girl/alt styles with gyaru. Usually can't get recognized as gyaru (from a personal point of view). 

I just call group 2 "Tik tok gyaru", even tho it also exists outside of tik tok but that's the root of this development in my opinion.
Before I want to get more into the two groups, I want to talk about the change of gyaru itself.

I want gyaru to change. I want to allow it.

But I also want to keep gyaru at it's roots.

I mean gyaru is a style that is capable of adjusting to newer trends.
otherwise gyaru would have died out years ago.

Compare gyaru from the 90s and then gyaru from early 00s.
They do not look the same at all. Gyaru changed in this period.



gyaru was adjusting itself to new trends all the time and it kept going...


Gyaru is not what it used to be and that is completely fine.
And gyaru is still changing...again.
Tik Tok gyaru is for example one direction of the change.
More focused on western trends obviously.

So, this is how gyaru currently looks like in one of the gaijin gyaru section?

I don't think they all look bad, you can see gyaru influence sometimes.

Some claim they are gyaru, some say they only are gyaru-influenced.

However, you see those kind of pictures under the gyaru tag.

I do like alt-styles, sometimes. I am not against it. You can create something new but I am also not a big fan of it. I think the gyaru influence is too small...there is almost no connection to it despite the top and bottom lash thing with the droop.

Gyaru is changing in japan as well.

We tend to call it "Reiwa" gyaru. It does seem like with the end of heisei, gyaru changed as well.

Not as dramatically as in tik tok gyaru, but tbh sometimes I am not sure wether it's gyaru or some japanese girl with blonde hair...sorry. Or if that is the definition of gyaru in japan nowadays.

I try to get used to how reiwa gyaru looks like.

One thing I noticed for example is that clothings look extremely basic. Natural colours, earth tones or black/white, beige. Usually it's just top and jeans with some sneakers.

There are a few that are fashion-oriented but maybe it's my own impression but I think fashion isn't really a central point anymore.

I don't think it looks bad, it's a lil bit boring to me tbh. I do like some aspects, especially yuuramomo but probably that's the inner black hair lover in me LOL.
Changing gyaru is fine. Letting other styles influence your gyaru style is fine. Letting your style get influenced by gyaru is fine. Being a beginner is fine.

Using gyaru as a way of selfpromotion is not fine.

I think I speak for most people when I say this: I am extremely annoyed having to browse through the gyaru hashtag for HOURS until I finally find a pic of a real gyaru.

I wish people who like to get inspired by gyaru don't hashtag it or claim to be one.
What do you think about this topic?

I want to discuss this with you.


Frequent GETS!

Heyaa Bunnies!
I wanted to make this post a long time ago and I got new and new things that added on top and I kinda lost the overlook of what is new now and what isn't lol.
So I can show you the GETS that are frequently and still remember as new

Do I get crazy or does the earlier ageha issues get less and less available on buyee?
There aren't many left currently and I could get my hands on one of them.
I also bought off vinted again from one seller (I try to work up my list rn).
I got these saved for over a year now...I am working my way through my items.
The JD cardigan was kind of a bonus, because I didn't expect it to fit and it was kinda cheap so I just tried and IT FITS PERFECTLY. like wow.
I also bought these two sugargloss items off buyee...The cardigan is super sweet but the dress is unfortunately too small....my shoulders are too big again.
It's always my damn shoulders
I am not quite sure wether I sell it or DIY it or idk...
Also my two dresses from nostique arrived..which I bought almost 5 MONTHS ago ()
Look at how beautiful these JD-dresses are
I also got this necklace off buyee and it was the first time my THROAT was too big.
Never expected this to become an issue.
I will probably extend the chain idk..
And two pack of feet masks...because my feet needs it rn..they look horrible

A lot of orders on buyee get cancelled atm. I am not very lucky rn.

Emerald Bay: Definitely Black

 Heyaa Bunnies! 

I am kinda done with the selftanners and am going over to describing other products.
This one is what I count to the "hisalo" category. This is a product you apply prior to tanning on the sunbed. I have no experience wether you are able to use hisalo-products on the beach as well.
(Even tho some products claim they do)

I got three different products from emerald bay and one of it is for the tanning salon.
I heard about this product the first time from Akipoyo gyarusa.
I used it a couple times but didn't quite pay attention to how much it's working but this time I did.
I went to the same machine, same program but one time without any product and one time with Emerald Bay: Definitely Black. 

By the way if you didn't know: I use products at least 2-3 times and another time right before writing reviews to give off a review as honest as possible.

Last notice about this product: When I started with this product (a couple months ago) I got a heavy allergic reaction. Now I can use this product without any skin reaction at all. I am not sure if it really was any of the products by emerald bay or if I maybe just used too many products that time, idk... (I think no.2 is more likely)
So if you have sensitive skin, be careful it might be this product that caused it.
But as I said, now I use it without any problems at all...

Price: 14,90€
I absolutely LOVE thin lotions an this one is a thin one. It did take some time until it sucks up to the skin. I recommend applying lotion before heading to the studio.

The smell has a fruity touch. It contains Agave Nectar. After tanning I felt like it stinks a little bit because it mixed with my sweat odor. The smell is not too heavy. 

Applying products easily is one of my main points.. I did not have any problems with application, however I guess as soon as I hit the bottom it might get difficult to get the last bits...

I got darker. I think it works amazing, it wasn't something breathtaking but it definitely works and should be considered if you want to achieve a darker tan faster...

As I said it takes some time until it sucks up to the skin, even though my car ride takes about 20 min. to the hisalo, I had a wet feeling on my skin the whole ride and it was a little bit uncomfortable.
However, as soon as it did suck up it feels great. The skin is moisturised but not sticky.

I like it but it's not something breathtaking. It's great as a lotion but the results are just medium-satisfying. I wouldn't say I wouldn't want to buy it but I also think other products may have better results. If you come across this product and want to give it a try, do it. They have a new packaging rn and maybe the formula is also better.