Thursday, January 21, 2021

Ageha vol.3 2006~

 Heyaa Bunnies

I am probably the most patient person alive..I waited this whole time for the most exciting thing: my ageha magazine. Yes, this whole time I haven't opened it yet and now I tell ya I AM OBSESSED!!!

THIS is MY magazine...I love everything: the hair, the make, the vibes, the outfits...I need to copy it from top to bottom 

There is also sooo much dark hair content...I kinda regret bleaching it haha
jk It is what it is rn...I am still giving my hair a break from all the bleaching and dying etc. but I will soon bleach it again I guess...Now Im excited for that, while styling I realised that it's super tricky to seperate SUPER SHORT hair, but well let's see..
well anyway, here is my content boom:
First page and I already LOVE it!
Black hair gal
now i neeeed a pink chanel bag!!
as a kid I was always obsessed with hair like that!
I always thought that gals didn't use falsies but turns out they are just SUPER natural. This is great!! I can't go without falsies and this gives me more opportunites to make oldschool-make work for me.
more dark hair content...
this bag content is suuuper cuute...
Their clothes r just perff...I love tops like that.
Nowadays camisole aren't cute like they used to beee
I dunno where but I saw a set like is indeed on my wishlist.
The whole vibes are screams LYNN to me xDD
more dark hair and legbandd...
a hime look <333 and those JD heels *.*
I wish I had opened this mag before doing my nails (later more) 
look how gorgeous they are..everything is so glittery and pink I LOOOOOOOOOVVEEEE ITTTT
more pink chanel content T.T
I need all of these mags!!!!
btw two other topics before I go. My buffalo atsuzoko arrived and they r perfect.
I worried they might get to small, since I am inbetween two sizes but they fit great.
I thought they would be huuge, but in fact they are even smaller than most of my heels...they just look huge due to the platform. I did order some glittery rhinestone sneakers but they are too small unfortunately Does anybody want black rhinestone sneakers? (size EU38)
I also redid my nails, I had to paint the walls and ruined my nails before and I just didn't like the style anymore soo...

I planned to go for a diff look but well, u gotta work with what you have haha..
I am soooo annoyed to have short nails but that won't change for the next couple months I guess..
You can soon I am done with my training in July I'll quit and do whatever the f I want with my body lol..

xoxo Lynn

Sunday, January 17, 2021

winter walk and gets~~

Heyaa Bunnies
I had the weekend off, which is unusual but lately I get very often.
On saturday I met with my co-worker again to go for a walk.
I really wanted to try Kiyomins makeup..
I automatically put in my blue lenses and afterwards realized, that she is wearing brown/hazel/green-ones but nvm haha...I tried my best remaking it as close to the original as possible..
but since I got huge eyes, it is almost impossible for me to create foxy/cateye-ish makeups haha
I also tried my luck in tearbags again...the very first time it doesn't make me look sick! I actually really liked it.
And this was my is sooo freaking hard creating cute snowy outfitssss
I am still looking like crazy for black winter coats..why am I so pickyy..
I was taking a couple pics so u can see the place where I live..
this is my teeny-tiny village lol
And in the evening my rokku gets arrived..offbrand but still.
I got these off vinted from a very kind seller from austria.
I paid only like 7€ for all of these (not with shipping).
she was also free to add another pair of gold earrings..
On sunday I pretty much just relaxed and did some beauty things..
taking a relaxing bath, putting some facemask on...
and I did some nailart. 
I am not in the kitchen anymore but since I am working a lot in housekeeping or painting walls, building stuff etc. I kept it short.
At first I wanted to do something in pink with a lot of glitter but I found these red/black/gold-stickers and made something with's not the best but I also don't dislike it haha

well that's it for today..the next couple days I will post the ageha magazine.
Stay tuned!

xoxo Lynn