Quick update


There are so many tgings I wanted to post about but never got the chance to...so here is a quick overview lmao.

After I was done with my other workplace, I spent the saturday with my friends and EVERYTHING WENT WRONG THAT DAY. My wig always got tangled, didnt sit right, me and my cousin accidentally misunderstood each other, my dress almost made me naked (I have to sew it closed my goodnes) and on top of that my heels broke. Thank goodness I had some sneakers with me, I dont always take some with me.

Sunday morning I started cleaning off the woods that my parents kept here over 5 years. I did not think I would make it through in one go. It was hot and exhausting and I wanted to quit every minute lmao.
Look how nice it is now. It needs to be deep-cleaned but now I can have bbq parties etc. Here during summer♥️
Watermelon REFRESHHH

Sunday evening I met up with a coworker for a coffee, so pretty much casual since it was just a short meet.

And on monday I started my new work. I like it there♥️ Here are the looks I have worn

Thursday was my day off and I got my nails done♥️
I had a cut on one finger so she had to be suuuper carefully there but she did an amazing job regardless😍
So much pink and blingbling...I love it♥️♥️

I dunno what it is but I dont like my current eye makeup...I will prob switch it back again☺️
I went grocery shopping too.
Such a funny name🤭🤭

Back to work♥️
Idk this jacket doesnt quit suit the outfit but I took it off there anyway🙈

I cooked a sweet coconut soup😳
Sweet because it's with lychee. 

Sometimes I feel like I am getting a lil too creative but it was actually really delicious.
I prefered it when it cooled down tho.

Ok tomorrow is another day off♥️♥️


Vegan Sweet Tarte Flambée

 Omg guys I am in love😭😭

I wanted to cook earlier and had a HUGE problem.

I planned cooking potatoes but EVERYTHING...all tools I would need for this was in the dishwasher.

My board, my knife, my peeler...there is no way.

I was thinking so hard about what to cook and then chose tarte flambée. I still had it in my fridge and good tho! It was already expired for 5 days🤡

But ok, it looked fine and eatable but it def needed to get cooked.

Also the cream was open for over a week and would turn bad, I am not eating bread rn.

But what am I supposed to put on it? I have no pepper, no mushroom...nothing.

Weird combo but I decided to use Asparagus, Tomato and Cranberries.

This type of cranberries is being used as a topping on deer meat here. It's usually in some sort of jam just like in this jar. So damn delicious.

There was already one thing running through my head when I looked at the ingredients:

It will be liquidy as f*.

Fresh tomatoes -> lots of water 

Cranberries -> in jam 

Asparagus -> also very watery 

It will prob be a problem to eat (it was).

But I still did regardless.

Cutting tomato with an eating knife on a plate was the dullest shit I had to do🤣
Thats why the pieces are so big too..there is no way I can make thin slices like that🤣
I preheated the oven with 220°C top and bottom heat.
I put salt and white pepper on top of it, marjoram and dill powders. I added dried parsley leaves and pit in the oven for about ca.15 Minutes when it was done.

Oh man there was juice everywhere🤣
I still cut and eat it.
In the beginning I was not sure what to think of this combo but my goodness....IT WAS SO DAMN DELICIOUS😭😭♥️♥️

I NEED to find an alternative way of cooking this with the same ingredients to make it more eatable🤣

It was a MESS eating this haha...You could almost think I ate jam with my hands...it was running down my arms and spread over my whole face🤣

But. So. Damn. Delicious.

Will 100% do smth like this again.


Skincare upgrade♥️


I started my morning with some coffee and I always eat alpro soy yogurt with sunflower and chia seeds. Sometimes I add oats and then I put in whatever fruits I have...today I put in some raspberries♥️

I also like to add sweetener.

I usually do a mix of sweetener and sugar. Toomuch sugar is giving me pimples, only sweeteners makes me more hungry...so I eat both 50/50.

Yesterday my mat arrived.
I am doing yoga now lmao.
Only now I realise how damn unsporty I am and how much my back is actually broke (Ow...)

My skincare package arrived♥️♥️
Because my acid cleaner is going empy the next few days so I bought it now and I needed some patches anyway. I rarely have pimples now but when I do, I wish I could put smth directly onto them. Going to try out these♥️
These were gifts but both are unnecessary to me. I hate using strips and I dont need to add moisture, I need sebum control lmao🤣
Also finally an eyecream that sounded interesting. My first one was a no bcuz somehow my skin reacted allergic to it or smth and after that I only found patches or anti-wrinkle creams.
I am still using the bulgarian rosewater eyepatches but I wish I had smth for quick and daily use.

For what? Yes, my cosmetics lmao

My bathroom is always so damn hot and humid...let's try when my products are cooled down🤭


New painting + vegan cevapcici balls


Today I have evening shift, so I still have a couple hours left until I need to go to work♥️

Yesterday I painted and it dried over night.

I wanted to paint it by randomly choosing colors over a spin wheel.

I had very much "luck" by all colors. It chose pink for the skin, orange for the background...and neon yellow for hair. The neon color did not work out. The color wasn't the problem but it turned transparent when dried, so I had to add some white to it...which made her blonde now.

I expected a big color play but all the colors turned out normal by the wheel lmao 🤣

Like always the motive and extras are chosen by thw flow...randomly.

I wanted to make green spots like I did with neon pink the last time but I made it too liquidy...
And on top of that I SPILLED THE CUP.
It was actually that much watered down, that I could just blow it away...however it still stained it a bit, so I spilled it everywhere on the sides and blew it away..
To make it look wanted🤡

Today I cooked some vegan cevapcici♥️
I had this laying around for some time but chose to finally try it out.
I wanted to make some normal cevapcici rolls but when I took it in my hands I was more into making it into balls haha

I put some plantcream in my pan to cook the balls.

I rolled the balls here and there until it was more of a golden color. Meanwhile I was preparing the sauce.
I mixed this with cold water first:

I added salt, white pepper and red pepper powder to add more taste to it and poured it right into the pan.

Et voilá!
All my meals look like typical german farmer food but in ✨vegan✨. 🤣🤣
I also ate garlic olives with it.

Alright, now I still have some time left..might read some mags or sketch a bit☺️


Day off♥️


I had a day off and started going easy with it.

As soon as I woke up I put in the first round of laundry and then opened my package with my circle lenses...I waited almost two months and then I had 0 energy to unpack them for like a whole week.. 

These were the first I opened. Usually I buy grey lenses, because they will look kinda blueish but in a natural way but decided to get blue again, since I did not have any blue ones for about like two years maybe...
And damn...they are blue af!! They are comfy to wear and I like the design but the color is unusual for me...idk...I guess I need to see it with makeup someday.

The reason I ordered because I was looking for brown ones again, since I lost one of my BT15 lenses...they are m absolute fav when it comes to gyaru makeup. However they are nowhere sold with prescription...I need to see duh.
So I picked these now, cuz I felt they will give a similiar look.
No lie...just in the eye without makeup I thought I picked the wrong ones...they just look nothing like BT15 but decided to wear them today..
Also I have not cleaned my face or my eyebrows yet, so they r messy in the pics.
Here is my current hairgrowth...I still can't believe I have short hair haha...I look crazily different in the morning.
I definitely did not wake up like this lmaoo..
The blouse was a gift from a coworker, it's actually a dirndl blouse for traditional german clothing but I figured it suits very well here.
The weather is kinda weird here...it's cold but warm, sunny but cloudy...I guess my outfit was just right.
Also what I am very proud of, so I took this picture is my skin. I hate using the back camera, I look so weird inverted but my fronr camera recognizes faces and blurrs their skin. The foundation I used is: no foundation.
I am working a lot towards a great skincare routine and I dont feel like needing a foundation anymore...
I simply skip that step and only put on makeup on eyes and lips...beside my nose, I dont contour as well. My face looks like my face looks lmao.
Here is my make up close...the lenses are perfect for it!! I kinda do a mix of my typical makeup and sakurinas makeup. Lashes are "Corset' by Kiss, like always. I will never give up these lashes.
After putting another round of laundry in, I went grocery shopping and decided to make salad for lunch. I need to eat salad more often.
I currently trying to change to a vegan diet, again.
I used to be vegan back in October/November but for some reason I always had stomache pain and I always were incredibly hungry, so I eventually stopped.
Now I am trying again, also finding out what I did wrong back then.
I like buying these packs...before food is going bad and have to get thrown away. The bottle on the left is vegan mayo...I added another tomato in the end.
I mixed the mayo with olive oil and almond milk. I put in salt, white pepper, garlic powder and parsley.
It should look creamy, because when I put it in the bowl the tomatoe and cucumber pieces will give off water. If it's too liquidy it will be watered down and give no taste...it will end up in the bottom of the bowl and not on the salad and vegetables.
Tadaa...I tried this kind of cheese the first time...it's not bad but it had a strong taste...I might prefer it somewhere else but a salad.

I also went shopping in dm shortly which is next to the grocery store. They have a huge variety of vegan and bio products. Most of it is completely unnecessary and just marketing..there is lots of food that is vegan without needing a big vegan logo on top of it. However I still looked around, maybe I needed smth I dont get anywhere else..
I found apple vinegar, that I couldnt find in the grocery store but beside that I was not interested in anything else. I did buy myself this shampoo again...I had good experiences with it and want to try it again.
Also I needed new eyebrow razors.

My last round of laundry is about to finish and then I need to vacuum the floor and water my plants...beside that I can chill a bit.
My friend is going to visit me late in the evening (maybe, he is not sure if he can make it).
Also I will cook later again.